UpFront is Certified on all Government Entitlement Payment Platforms including:


  • All USA eWic Processors – Direct Integration Online eWic
  • All USA SmartCard eWic – Direct Integration Offline eWic
  • All US States Traditional Paper Wic (Currently being replaced by eWic)
  • USDA Snap FNS (EBT FoodStamps)
  • USDA Snap (EBT Cash)
  • USDA Snap FNS (Remote EBT-FoodStamps via Mobile and Desktop)


The UpFront Registers are Certified to handle Paper Wic Checks as well as Electronic eWic Cards. UpFront is certified in all US States that support Online eWic and Offline eWic.

UpFront is Certified for Offline eWic Smart Cards in the state of Pennsylvania.


Standard Transaction Features

Combinations of Wic Items and Non Wic Items may be included within the same Transaction.

Register Automatically separates items in the transaction according to eligibility.

Integrated lookup of APL (Approved Product List) at the register.

Automatic Produce mapping that connects all existing Produce items to the state Approved Product List.

The WIC Program changes the way food benefits are issued to WIC clients from paper checks to electronic benefit transfer eWic which allows clients to purchase their WIC food benefits using an MSR card called an eWIC card.

Paper Wic Checks will no longer be printed and given to clients to spend at your store.  All clients will eventually receive their food benefits electronically.  The benefits of eWIC for clients and staff include:

  • eWIC is convenient and easy to use.
  • eWIC is safer and more secure than paper checks.
  • WIC foods don’t have to be purchased all at once.
  • Staff no longer have to void and reissue paper checks.


Approved Product List (APL): A list that includes all state WIC-approved
foods for WIC agencies, vendors, and clients to determine what foods can be
purchased with eWIC cards. The APL includes each authorized brand/item
with its product description, UPC, and package size. New approved products
are added to the list as needed.

UpFront is Certified with all US eWic Processors and provides a Direct Integration which eliminates the need for Stand Beside Terminals.

Each US State is contracted through an eWic processor which UpFront is Certified with.  The eWic Processors provides support to WIC vendors and escalates issues to the state WIC agency.  UpFront provides direct technical and assistance support to the Merchant while also maintaining a working relationship with the State and the Processor to ensure that the merchant (Vendor) has everything they need to ensure that the eWic consumer is provided with their groceries via a discreet and smooth process at the checkout.

Split Tender: Simply stated – two or more different forms of payment in a
single transaction, for example, eWIC card and cash.  UpFront can easily handle Split Tenders that include Government Entitlement Payments alongside Credit and Debit Cards.

eWic Transition from Paper to Electronic: Once your State agency starts to roll out eWIC, UpFront provides for the ability to simultaneously support both Traditional Paper Wic along side the new eWic Cards that consumers will start bringing into your store.  As the state issues the new cards, there will be consumers that will still have Paper Checks while others have the new cards.  UpFront can easily support both forms of payments in a secure and discreet manner.

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