EMV is a chip technology used in place of magnetic stripe. EMV helps reduce card fraud in a card present merchant location, provides global and enables safer transactions READ MORE

Electronic Check Conversion

Converts paper checks to an ACH transaction at the point of sale. Reduces risk, improves merchant cash flow with next day funding.

ACH Checks

Converts paper checks to electronic transactions at the point of sale, eliminating the administrative hassles of paper check and guaranteed payment.


UpFront still supports the traditional Paper-check form of tender. If the merchant has a check printer, UpFront has the ability to print the front of the check for the consumer and can also automatically endorse the reverse side of the check as well.

EBT Food Stamps and EBT Cash

Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) is the electronic system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card, used in the United States. UpFront supports all government EBT Food Stamp and Cash payment cards nationwide. Only items which are flagged as ‘Food Stamp Eligible’ items may be tendered with an EBT Food Stamp card.

Paper Wic, eWic and Offline Wic

  • All USA eWic Processors – Direct Integration Online eWic
  • All USA SmartCard eWic – Direct Integration Offline eWic
  • All US States Traditional Paper Wic (Currently being replaced by eWic)

All Major Credit and Debit Cards

  • VISA
  • All Major Bank and Credit Union Debit Cards

Electronic Gift & Loyalty Cards

Through UpFront system, you can easily sell digital gift cards to customers searching for last minute gifts, or to those who live far away. Gift Cards are personal, easy and convenient. The UpFront register has the ability to sell new eGift cards, redeem existing cards for in-store purchased and even re-loading existing eGift cards.

Open Department Tenders

Easy Register setup for departments such as Grocery, Deli, Meat, Produce. UpFront also has the ability to configure pre-set Department Ring buttons.

Merchant Defined Tenders

Tenders such as Money Orders, Payouts, etc. are all available via the Register Setup system of UpFront.

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